We’re here to guide members toward saving money and achieving long-term health and wellness.

To jump start the journey to a healthy lifestyle, members have unlimited access to a complimentary in-depth online wellness assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, WPA  follows-up and provides recommendations designed specifically for the member and their needs.

So what is a Wellness Assessment?

Generally speaking, a Wellness Assessment is a questionnaire used commonly to identify factors in individuals that increase their risk of impairments or disabilities and then recommend behavioral modifications to minimize their impact. Some assessments may even provide an estimate of health risks to which a client or individual may be vulnerable due to genetics, family history, or their own lifestyle choices.

Our easy to use and simple process will ask members about their exercise habits, eating habits, perceptions of their own health and other lifestyle related items. The information they securely provide will then be used to direct them towards specific program recommendations to help them take control of their own health and help them make any necessary lifestyle changes to prevent health conditions from developing. In addition, the WPA has many cost saving features that directly help our members with the most common, day to day, out of pocket health care expenses.

While completing the assessment, we give our members the option to request that our concierge advocacy team contact them regarding their results. They also receive a assessment report containing recommended products and services available to them as part of their membership.
Find out more about how the WPA can be YOUR complete wellness partner today!