Anti-Aging Formulas

NUTRITION FOR LASTING, LIFE LONG HEALTH   Seeking ways to prolong youth, health and life. Given the proper nutrition, your body has the amazing ability of keeping itself healthy.  Our program's cutting-edge anti-aging products will help members slow aging from the inside [...]

Skin Care Formulas

SUPPORT YOUR SKIN, 24 HOURS A DAY   Visibly reduce the signs of aging and look younger and healthier. This innovative program is comprised of special nutritional supplement combinations at savings of up to 35% off retail especially for Wellness Plan of America members! [...]

Health Advisors

SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED A LITTLE HELP   Get the professional answers and guidance you deserve.    Don’t just guess what your body needs. We offer memberships options with FREE access to an expert team of naturopaths, nutritionists, and nurses who can [...]

Vitamins & Supplements

EXCLUSIVE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT COMBINATIONS Promote your whole-body health! Members have access to over 350 premium-quality formulations that are the gold standard of the industry in terms of purity, potency, and efficacy. WPA Wellness Packages include support for heart, bone, brain, emotional [...]