Saving You Money

For groups of thousands or a body of one, we provide comprehensive programs that save money and address their everyday fiscal, health and wellness needs.

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Health Advocacy

Knowledgeable, friendly and thorough, our team of wellness specialists are readily available to assist each and every member with any question or program need.

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Prescription Savings

This comprehensive program utilizes a network of prescription resources to find members the lowest price available on their prescription medications.

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Save valuable time and money with medical consultations available 24/7 and conducted by board certified, fully credentialed and licensed physicians through your telephone, secure email or bi-directional video.

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Diagnostic Testing

Learn amazing things about your body and well-being with this $500+ value Blood Test that features over 70 Panels and is available at any LabCorp nationwide with NO referral needed!

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Healthy Lifestyle

Eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can add years to your life and reduce the risk of certain diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and obesity.

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Pet Health & Supplies

We are dedicated to improving the health of your pets. From care to insurance to medications to supplies, we’re here to improve and sustain the long-term health of your pets and to be your full-service pet wellness partner.

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Claims Avoidance Specialists

Greatly lowering the out-of-pocket costs for individuals, employers and the self-funded by offering products and driving utilization to prevent unnecessary insurance claims.

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Engagement and Rewards

Delivering a better member experience through easy to use online portals and mobile applications, enhanced with robust reward programs for participation.

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Enjoy over $5,000 in potential member annual savings!

WPA membership is NOT a Health Insurance Policy nor does it replace any health insurance policy. WPA is also NOT a Qualified Health Plan under the Affordable Care Act. WPA complements existing insurance or may be used on its own to help its members live well and reduce their overall healthcare expenses.

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Value & Feedback

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À la carte

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Private Labels

Groups, associations and other affinities know the advantages of maintaining continuity with their brand that protects [...]

Advocacy >> What members Say
“was very helpful she called me yesterday and told me what I needed to do, and she would call me back. She did exactly that and had all the information I needed and helped setting the appointment that made every thing so much easier. Being new she made it easier.”
Ora G. on Feb. 10, 2016
“I appreciate the time they spend helping to understand the program. I am grateful for the help in getting my meds at a reduced cost. “
Rick R. on Feb. 24, 2016
“was very professional and answered all my questions. It was pleasure to work with her”
Michele D. on Feb. 05, 2016
“was very excellent and went above and beyond to assist me and even called me back after my appointment to make sure everything went well and gave me advise too. It’s rare you find employees like Christine that actually cares about the customer. Thank you SOO Much!!!”
Joy N. on Jan. 29, 2016
“They answered my question precisely and I walked away knowing what to do next. They were very helpful and so far I am pleased.”
Tara W. on Jan. 12, 2016
“It was a long process, because of the drug company but did get my meds!!” WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
Jennifer C. on Feb. 27, 2016
“Excellent service.” WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.
Alton H. on Feb. 23, 2016
“My experience with today’s call had finally been satisfied. Mrs. V. adequately answered my questions and uncertainties I had for awhile. She was very professional, patient, and articulate with today’s call. She made my understanding clear and less stressful. With her kind of customer service I would recommend Wellness Plan of America any day. Very good in problem solving and didn’t pass ** on the next person. Well done. “
Richard S. on Feb. 05, 2016
“was patient, very clear, and explained in detail all the answers to my many many questions. I feel confident that I now understand the maze of my prescription plan. “
Shereen R. on Feb. 03, 2016
“The Wellness Plan of America helped me secure two medications, that I had to have, at little costs. The customer service concierge’ were always friendly and helpful. Adam, was especially helpful. He was persistent and detailed. I have MS and tend to get frustrated easily. Adam worked with me and is responsible for getting my Copaxone and Lyrica. They have other services that are very beneficial. I finally got my Medicare and another Part B insurance so I did not need to stay with WPA. Otherwise II would have kept their services. If your someone concerned about your health. need medications, need nutritional support, and you can’t afford health insurance, this would be a great program for you. “
Sandra R. on Jan. 28, 2016
WPA >> Premier Partner Network

Wellness Plan of America is a comprehensive membership designed to address your everyday health and wellness needs. This program was created to assist our members in making the necessary lifestyle changes critical to long term health through free ongoing services in addition to member’s only savings on wellness benefits.

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  • Personal Wellness Advisors
  • Prescription Savings Program
  • Online Wellness Assessment
  • Healthy Food Pantry
  • Weight Loss & Conditioning Program
  • Workout Videos
  • Life Extension® Partnership
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